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How Storytelling Creates Sustainable Fashion

Storytelling is an essential element of sustainable fashion. It helps consumers connect with brands and understand the values and principles that drive them. In the case of Simple Pleasures, a collaboration between TENCEL™, Jeanologia, and sustainable fashion designer Betina Grosser, the use of storytelling played a crucial role in bringing the project to life and communicating its message of sustainability, simplicity, and joy that creates an emotional attachment to our garments.

The importance of ideation and well thought through concepts before going into production cannot be overstated. This was evident in the experience of Michael Kininmonth, Global Business Development & Project Manager at Lenzing, who needed to find a new angle to present TENCELTM lyocell fibers and adapt his collections to showcase the environmental benefits and touch and suppleness of his materials. He knew that he wanted to create an emotional connection with his audience, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, but he also understood that this would require a holistic approach to sustainability that considers the needs and values of consumers from start to finish.

To achieve this, Michael worked with fashion designer Betina Grosser and Carme Santacruz of Jeanologia, industry leaders and technology specialists, to co-design a collection that not only caught the eye and emotions of consumers, but also stood the test of time. They also surveyed 50 people from around the world, including friends, colleagues, and co-workers, to better understand what made them feel good informing the team on how to create an emotional connection through the garments they were making.

The resulting collection, which incorporated digital printing, TENCEL lyocell fibers, and laser friendly fabrics, was the most satisfying that Betina, Carme, and Michael had ever created. It was developed through a process of experimentation and iteration, with the team vetting 40 fabrics and eliminating excess samples to ensure that everything fit together seamlessly. They also revisited the story behind the collection throughout the process to make sure that all the details were aligned and that they were telling the best possible story to their audience.

“How can we replicate the feeling of my grandma passing down an item? How important are those technologies and fibers in the garment? With the idea that you're not buying clothing, you're buying the work and the values behind the brand, storytelling comes as an amazing tool.” - Betina Grosser, Fashion Designer and Sustainable & Collaborative Design Specialist

Simple Pleasures is a collection of versatile and timeless pieces, designed to be mixed and matched, and worn and loved for years to come. The goal of the project was to create a collection that celebrated the beauty of simplicity and the joy of living while inspiring developers, specialists, and industry, about the sustainable techniques and surrounding technology used.

In the end, this project exemplified the value and importance of creating a well thought through story concept, something we often do not give the time for in this fast paced industry. By bringing together a diverse group of partners from around the globe and considering the needs and values of their audience, this team was able to create a collection that will leave a lasting impact and eliminate throw-away fashion. Crucial in an industry where oversupply and overconsumption runs rampant.

Simple Pleasures is the perfect example of the way brands should connect with consumers in a meaningful way, ultimately creating a stronger relationship between us and our clothing. If we create relationships with our clothes, it will lead to less frivolous spending while holding onto the pieces we love, prolonging the life of our clothes, and ultimately making a positive impact on the world of sustainable fashion and consumption.

I am a super fan of this collection and encourage you all to check out the collaboration here.

Until next time friends, always be curious and stay diligent!


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