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Let's Celebrate Mama Earth with Tencel!

This year we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Month! To say this month has been... a weird one... is an understatement. But nonetheless, I am still so excited to support TENCEL™ USA's Earth Month campaign, where I will share all of the wonderful and innovative initiatives Tencel's denim partners are supporting.

Using TENCEL™ fibers is just one of the many things these brands are doing to make good jeans. Most are continuously working on reducing water usage in their production process, some are focused on working with low impact fibers and materials, while some are supporting some amazing environmental causes like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Let's take a look at what each brand is up to.

Their newest denim fabric, Super Eco Rigid, is one of the most sustainable and eco-conscious fabrics within denim and is made from 83% recycled materials, including REFIBRA™ x TENCEL™ Lyocell. This new fiber takes textile scraps and recycles the fabric waste to blend it with tree pulp to make TENCEL™ fibers. And Boyish Jeans isn’t just out to reduce their environmental impact, but to neutralize it all together! To do that they purchase carbon offsets by working with Sidrapong Hydroelectric Power Station in Darjeeling, India through Carbonfund. Boyish has been carbon neutral since day one! Learn more about Boyish’s sustainability practices on their website,

Their family business stands for pure quality, effortless looks, and denim handmade in Italy. In 2018, Closed developed its first eco-friendly denim line – A BETTER BLUE. Thanks to eco-friendly materials (like TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™), low-impact dyeing treatments, and innovative washing techniques, the A BETTER BLUE line uses at least 50% less water, 25% less energy, and 65% fewer chemicals compared to conventional denim

Since starting their eco-conscious collection “GUESS Eco” just last year, GUESS is now using sustainable materials like TENCEL(™) Lyocell and Modal for 15% of their entire collection! Let’s give them a round of applause and hope to see that number increase even more by next Earth Month!

After many years in the denim and fashion industry, Founder, Tony Tonnaer, turned to create his own brand and in 2011. Since then, Kings of Indigo has been putting all of their efforts into leading the industry and being two steps ahead when it comes to sustainable practices. Our commitment to the cause has a 360 approach covering 5 pillars of sustainability: planet-friendly materials, water use, social, transport, and waste-conscious.

I'm ecstatic to see the steps that Lucky Brand is taking to become more sustainable. From partnering with Candiani, a leader in recycling denim (also a TENCEL™ partner!), to committing to UN Sustainable Development Goals #3-Good Health, #6-Clean Water and Sanitation, #12-Responsible Consumption, and #13-Climate Action, Lucky Brand may not be completely there yet, but they’re making progress every day. Something we (and the planet) are more than happy to celebrate.

Triarchy’s mission is to conserve our planet’s most important resource by reducing the massive water consumption of our planet’s most beloved piece of clothing, jeans. How are they achieving this? By using a combination of e-flow, ozone, and laser technology to drastically reduce unnecessary consumption in the manufacturing process. They are also working non-profit Isla Urbana, working on the urgent problem of water accessibility in rural areas of Mexico. Over the last 10 years, they have helped over 35,000 people and harvested over 50 million liters of water. You can learn more about Triarchy at

It is truly amazing to see so many brands partner with TENCEL USA to promote Earth Month and all of their sustainable initiatives, that I also wanted to highlight the ones using REFIBRA™ in particular.

REFIBRA™ technology is made from post-consumer and post-industrial cotton waste in chemical recycling. It launched in 2017 and is now commercial in denim at Boyish, Levi’s, DL1961, reformation, KOI, Closed, Lucky brand, Citizens, Guess, banana republic, and more.

Tricia Carey, Business Development for Tencel USA, says, "It’s been amazing to watch the programs grow. We have more than 20 denim mill partners including Tejidos Royo, Santanderina, Soorty, Artistic Milliners, Candiani, Cone ..."

I know these past few weeks have been very challenging for everyone, but it has been really encouraging to see the world come together and join forces for the common good. Maybe when this is all over, we'll all start fighting for the planet... Thank you to the brands who are making it their mission to do their part in supporting social and environmental causes.



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