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The future of creatives is clean! Simply Suzette has taken the Clean Creatives pledge to show our commitment to a future for the creative industry that doesn’t include promoting pollution. Learn more here.


The future of creatives is clean! Simply Suzette has taken the Clean Creatives pledge to show our commitment to a future for the creative industry that doesn’t include promoting pollution. Learn more here.

simply suzette

is a storytelling platform and consultancy exploring the intersection / juxtaposition of sustainability and fashion

We are passionate about telling the stories of the people behind the seams, championing sustainable innovations, helping brands and manufacturers use their businesses as a force for good, and helping industry newcomers navigate the blurry world of sustainable fashion.

Simply Suzette provides you with the information you need to make informed purchasing and sourcing decisions whether you’re a conscious consumer, designer, product developer or start up brand.

We believe in the democratization of information and creative storytelling to move the fashion world towards a future of regeneration.

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We are proud to be a 100% female founded and run business! We joined the Female Founder Collective to make it official. Learn more here.

simply TEAM

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my name is Ani Wells,

Director and Founder of Simply Suzette, and Sustainable Denim & Communications Consultant.

I created Simply Suzette for denim lovers like me to learn more about the sustainable production processes in the fashion industry. After graduating from a postgraduate fashion management program and my work in the fashion industry, I was mind-boggled when learning about the consequences denim production has on people and our planet.


Everything is give and take. You don’t have to be a human rights activist to care about the person who made your jeans, or an environmentalist to know our consumerism habits have to change. I believe we all have a conscience and a choice and hope to influence all to think before you buy, whether you're a conscious citizen or a product developer. It is my goal to preserve the world we call home and take care of the people in it. Learn more about my work and services here.

Marketing & Content Manager

My name is Macy and I’m known as ‘the girl who wears berets’ (Yes you will absolutely catch me wearing a beret on Zoom calls and Yes, I do have berets in all colours)! 😝

Although I’ve always been amazed by the beauty of humans and the art of fashion, I have never imagined myself being in the Fashion world. A few years ago, I made a big decision to move from Hanoi (Vietnam) to Toronto to pursue higher education in Business. 2 years later, I landed myself in the happiest place in the world - Denmark, where I was introduced to sustainable fashion for the first time. I then found my passion in understanding the mindsets of consumers and finding ways to effectively communicate sustainability to more people. I believe that ‘production comes after demand’.

After returning to Toronto, I joined Fashion Revolution Vietnam, working remotely as their content creator. I was also working as a research assistant at The Fashion Institute of Humber College and got to interview Ani as the case subject for our very first project focusing on local businesses.

I am excited to be a part of the simplyTeam as my main job is translating 'big' sustainability concepts into practical creative content. 💡

virginia rollando Simply Suzette.jpeg
Lead Researcher & Analyst

My name is Virginia, I was born in Italy, and have since been fascinated by the Fashion world. When I started my Engineering studies I thought I would end up building dams and bridges, but then I learnt about the Fashion industry, and the associated environmental destruction and social inequalities, and decided to combine science with a world that is led by creatives. I had the amazing opportunity to study at the Institute for Manufacturing (University of Cambridge), and will never forget the first factories I saw. I believe that we all deserve to know the behind the scenes of clothing production, not only for its negative effects, but also because it is too interesting to keep it hidden. I want to answer the questions that brands taught us not to ask. I have spent several years in Asia working with factories and improving their circularity and inclusion efforts, where I met Ani. Our values were aligned from day 1, so here I am, supporting the research aspect of Simply Suzette with a scientific lens.

Aisling Gogan Simply Suzette.jpeg
Creative Associate

Hi there,


My name is Aisling, a designer & art director from Toronto. I have been enamoured by Fashion since a young age when I started thrifting and later on when I entered the modelling industry. While I’m passionate about the unique creativity and ability for self-expression that the sector holds, I began studying Fashion Studies & Graphic Communications at TMU, where I quickly learnt about the environmental and social impacts of Fashion, motivating me to learn all I could about sustainable Fashion. That’s when I met Ani. 


Looking to connect with people making a positive impact in the industry, I attended a pop-up event for sustainable fashion brands where Ani was selling Denim. We bonded over a shared interest in envisioning a sustainable fashion future, and now I’m excited to be a part of the team to create meaningful content with impact.


On a six-month exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark, I learnt about sustainable Fashion and saw how sustainability can be implemented in the design. A city of bikers, great design, and Hygge, the culture present in the city taught me to view creation in a more holistic, connected way. We are a product of the environments we consume, and so is our clothing.


I approach all my projects with empathy and aim to use my research and art direction skills to help spread sustainable fashion solutions and promote honest research. I’m excited to be part of the Simply Team to create visual and written content that pushes the traditional boundaries of Fashion to support sustainable innovation and a return to the slow, natural processes that support creation. 

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