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Endless Possibilities with Jeanologia

Kingpins Amsterdam is always a great place to learn about the new innovations the denim industry has been creating and inventing. Jeanologia was one who really stood out to me in terms of creating sustainable technology for the future of denim.

Jeanologia machines use ozone gas and laser technology to eliminate the amount of chemicals and water used in the finishing process of denim. This technology has been around for a few years now, but what we haven't seen is the possibilities of design with these two types of finishing process. They also have an Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) software that calculates your productions outputs.

The laser has been used to create distressing and fading, but can often times look unnatural. They have discovered that a combination of ozone and laser technology can achieve an authentic worn in look and feel.

Jeanologia has also showed us that up cycling garments can be done beautifully through technology.

By using the laser to create texture on the collar and sleeves, a whole new look is created from a vintage denim jacket. The faded areas have also been achieved through laser.

These are examples of how laser can completely transform the look and feel of a garment.

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