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#WhoMadeMyCotton | Step 1 : Brands and Retailers

As designers, brands, and retailers, when tracing our supply chains back, we can’t seem to get past the wall of knowing #WhoMadeMyCotton. We are often left with the country or region of origin with no ability to understand who has been involved in the cultivation or ginning processes.

With the help of Marzia Lanfranchi from Cotton Diaries, we are starting an in-depth qualitative study of the cotton supply chain to identify the roadblocks for radical transparency.

#WhoMadeMyCotton | Step 1: brands and retailers (by Simply Suzette)
Download PDF • 4.48MB

If you are a brand, retailer, designer, product developer, or brand consultant who would like to support this study, we encourage you to fill out this 2 minute survey.

*If you do not fall under one of the above categories, please wait for your specific survey to be released!


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