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We Demand Ethical Factories, But What Happens Before Production?

Most consumer's are now aware that there are unethical labor practices all over the world in the fashion industry. We have started to demand for ethical garment manufacturing, but this is only the first tier of the supply chain. At Kingpins in Amsterdam this month, there was a discussion about responsibility throughout the supply chain with a focus on denim mills.

As consumers, we only see what we are shown. People hardly think beyond the actual piece of clothing that is in their hands, let alone how the tactile fabric was actually produced and whether or not those workers were treated ethically.

It is not enough for brands to construct their garments in an ethical manner. It must start from the beginning of the production cycle, where the farmer who grows the fibre and continue along all touchpoint of the supply chain.

I am writing this piece for you to simply open your minds! Most consumer's are simply unaware of these facts, and my goal is to bring awareness to these issues on an approachable level. If you'd like more information on this topic with an example of some of the gold standard mills in the industry, comment on my latest Instagram post!



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