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Tommy Hilfiger Makes 100% Recycled Jeans

Remember that post I wrote on recycled fibres? And how it wasn't possible to use 100% recycled fibres in denim? Well the day has come for Tommy Hilfiger!

Tommy Hilfiger has announced that their Spring 2019 will include a range of 100% recycled cotton products. Some mentioned were a mom jean (woot woot), modern tapered jeans, and an oversized trucker jacket!

The fabric is made from leftover cotton from cutting tables and factory floors using an entirely mechanical process. The process uses less water, chemicals, and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced. The sewing thread used is made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, the buttons are made from unused stock, and the hangtags will be made from recycled paper.

This is a big moment for the denim industry because it was not previously possible to create a 100% recycled cotton garment, as it would not be durable enough to with stand everyday wear and tear.

I am THRILLED to see how far denim production has come this year and know that new innovations will continue to clean up the industry.

Stay tuned for more sustainable denim info, and follow along my Instagram for more brand recommendations. For the meantime STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!


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