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These are the Women Making Your Zara Jeans

If you haven't heard by now, the Accord regulating fair wages and working conditions in Bangladesh has expired and there is no plan for it to be renewed.

Since January 6th, there have been a number of protests, some more violent than others. On January 13th, thousands of garment workers protested for fair wages. Protesters blocked the streets and allegedly set buses on fire, but in return, police fired tear gas, water canons, and swung batons at protesters.

Bobita started working at a garment factory when she was 16 years old and now works for a factory where her job is to sew at least 80 pockets onto Zara jeans. She chooses to work because it means she doesn't have to rely on her family and she can avoid abuse from her husband and in-laws. But, with the expiry of the accord, she makes less than $100.00/month and knows she deserves a living wage.

Read all about Bobita's story here and why the Accord needs to be renewed.


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