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The HUMAN Collection

The memes saying that climate change should hire covid-19’s publicist had me laughing, but they also made me really think for a second. The world might be talking a lot about what we can do to help, but what it really boils down to is the collective action we’ve been seeing. Teamwork makes the dream work, right!? Humans are coming together like never before and it is amazing to see what people can accomplish when they work together. Last week, Kingpins24 virtual trade show was proof of that. Amongst the KP24 exhibitors addressing the current times was Soorty Enterprises and their AW 21/22 collection.

The “HUMAN” collection came from the idea that this time has actually made us realize how much power we have as humans. From healthcare workers to logistics, to food chain workers to those in grocery stores - and for our industry, the garment workers to the end consumer.

The AW 21/22 collection is made from 5 style identities based on consumer behavior: Everyday Essentials, Lifestyle, Circularity, Nostalgia, Worn In. Today we are going to focus on - you guessed it - CIRCULARITY!

Circularity is the ultimate array of the most responsible manufacturing methods and raw materials with each and every detail designed for purpose and designed to last. Technology, digitalization, and innovation are the biggest enablers, as well as ensuring the materials used can be brought back into a closed-loop system or biodegrade. The importance of this fabric family comes from today’s conscious consumer who is needing less and is caring more. The reason this fabric was even developed was because of YOU!

So, what do these fabrics include?

First up we have a cotton-free fabric family that is constructed using different blends of TENCEL™ Lyocell, Modal, EcoVero, and Refibra technology. The next is their recycled fabrics family that uses post-industrial and post-consumer waste and closes the loop by reintroducing manufacturing scraps and trimmings that never make it into the customer’s hands or jeans that are no longer wanted by their wearer. The eco-blend fabric family offers a pure realization of circularity by using nature’s gifts like linen and hemp! And last but not least, Cradle to Cradle. C2C is a design system for developing sustainable products based on the circular economy. Being C2C certified assures, affirms, and confirms that all the raw materials and processes used in the manufacturing of this range are sustainable and certified! C2C is the highest level in terms of sustainable production, so if you ever see a C2C or Cradle to Cradle symbol on a product you know it’s a good one.

Soorty also recently became the first in the denim industry to receive the accreditation from Cradle to Cradle in both fabrics and garments.

Soorty has always had a holistic approach to the complete denim manufacturing process. They engineer quality products while respecting mama earth by using its resources in the most efficient and smart ways possible. Over the past years, they have invested in the industry's most disruptive technologies (think waterless finishing through nanobubbles) and continue to develop new processes for the cleanest denim possible. Their eco-efficient denim laundry system is now introducing SmartCare that brings designing for purpose together with technology through a conscious mindset. This new vertical concept offers tailor-made “recipes” for each fabric in their collection, using only the most eco-efficient wash technologies! These recipes will achieve your fades, whiskers, and vintage distressing in the most sustainable way possible without even having to try :p

Soorty sees “denim as a power of good” and they want to nurture hope and present new possibilities, re-discover the beauty of what our industry can create, and join forces with everyone because we are all in this together! They use design as a tool to improve life and it’s our job as consumers to recognize the brands doing this too.

In my recent article for Denim Dudes I mentioned, “When we all come out of this, we’re going to want to have purpose, and that will show in what we buy. We will not only be more intentional with our purchases, but we will also want to feel good about them.” So when you’re shopping next, think about how much work went into developing not only the style of the jean you want but everything. At every step in the supply chain, there are teams working day and night to develop sustainable solutions and I so admire Soorty for not only looking to improve their environmental impact but their social impact as well. Mindfulness is key and is at the core of everything Soorty does! I hope this gave you some insight into how fabric development plays a huge role in making your jeans and hope for seeing a sustainable and circular denim industry. Until next time friends, STAY DILIGENT!


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