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Guess Goes Sustainable

Guess Jeans has come around to sustainable production!

The company has announced the launch of a 12 piece capsule eco-collection for both men and women. Both collections have been produced using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes. The women's line consists of jeans, a jacket, organic cotton tees and an organic cotton bodysuit. The men's line is made up of a slim fit jean in two washes, and organic cotton tees and button downs.

The brand has sourced their denim textiles from the greenest mill in the blue world, Candiani. The denim offered in the collection is saving 30% of the water used during the production process, as well as reducing the amount of chemicals in the process.

By sourcing from Candiani, the denim material is dyed with pre-reduced indigo that reduces the amount of chemicals needed and is overall more environmentally friendly than synthetic dyes.

This is great news for Guess, as they continue to find greener solutions for the company!


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