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Designing at the Most Innovative Mill in the World

I am very excited to announce my collaboration with Soorty X Denim Dudes, as I have been given the opportunity to design a 3 piece denim outfit at one of the most sustainable denim manufacturers in the world! The project came about when the Soorty team and Denim Dudes were talking about how many influential, strong ladies there are in the denim industry that all approach denim and indigo in their own way. Some of these ladies are at the back stage of the supply chain (like the beautiful women harvesting cotton or weaving fabric) while some are closer to the next level, which is ultimately closer to the consumer. For example, take myself. I have positioned myself on the communication side, raising awareness for a cleaner industry to consumers. In a nutshell, this will be a collective story of women in denim, performing their unique art in a world dominated by men.

You guys know sustainable denim makes me tick, which is why I have decided to use Soorty's most sustainable fabrics and production methods for producing my look. I have chosen fabrics from their Cradle2Cradle line which looks at the material health, material reutilization, water, renewable energy and carbon management. We will also be applying an eco-finish without using any water!

Unfortunately, I could not produce one shirt I had designed, as the techniques used to achieve the look would be unsustainable. This was a big moment for me, as it really showed me how important it is to start from the design stage to produce a sustainable garment. You must look at the material and how it reacts to dyes, lasers or ozone gas. However, Soorty was able to help make my jacket design even more sustainable by suggesting removable pockets, giving two looks to the jacket.

I am very excited to show you all the pieces and stories from the other beautiful women in this collaboration, and I will be going through the production process to show you exactly how it was produced, while explaining the sustainable alternatives I have chosen. Stay tuned to see how a garment is produced from design to finish at Soorty's innovation lab and what gals Denim Dudes has brought together for this story.


Would you guys want a sneak peak of my designs? Comment below!


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