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Denim Days Festival Round Up

If you've been following me on Instagram, you probably saw my stories about Denim Days NY. There were many brands, mills, dye houses, products and people that exhibited this weekend and I want to share my top take aways here today.

My first new discovery was Officina+39, a textile and chemical brand. They were showcasing a new product that will be released this week at Kingpins NY and I am here to put it on your radar! Officina+39 has created dyes using recycled textiles. Yes, that's rights, dye made from broken down fibres! This allows for multiple brand partnerships in recycling textile waste that would otherwise be discarded. I got to experience the dye first hand, by painting it on to a bandanna at the show. Fixed with heat, this dye is revolutionary. A full blog post will be coming soon about the company and more detail on how the product is made.

Next up, I attended the Common Thread viewing by 3x1, Lenzing, and Candiani, followed by a panel discussion about the denim industry. Tricia from Tencel/Lenzing had a great comment. She stated that we as consumers need to take a step back and slow down on consumption. I completely back this statement because our society has become so used to over consumption and over production. Let's go back to saving up for that quality garment we know is going to last us for years. The "looks for less" attitude we have is what is destroying the art and craft of garment production.

Last part of this little summary. I saw so many brands making up cycled products. It was amazing!

And my favourite vintage vendors:

Stay tuned for my take on Kingpins this week and and interview series on some of my favourite brands! In the meantime, STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!


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