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Converse Makes Sustainable Denim Converse

The classic Chuck Taylor has just been reinvented. Not only is this my go to everyday shoe, but now it's been sustainably produced from old denim scraps post consumer plastic waste. The materials include plastic water bottles and old jeans.

Converse says that the new Chuck Taylor, also known as Renew canvas, have "the same look and feel as traditional Converse canvas, except now made from 100% recycled polyester the came from used plastic bottles."

I love this new initiative, but something we don't think about is what happens to the worn out soles on our shoes. Most are made of plastic and it's not like that plastic disappears! Non-existent to the eye are thousands of plastic particles wearing off of our shoes everyday and getting washed into our water systems. It is amazing to see new products made from recycled materials, but we still have to think of how the product will break down or be reused. Just some food for thought!



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