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BUNZ - The Most Sustainable Way to Shop

If you have been following me for a while now, you have definitely heard me preaching that we do not need to produce anything new anymore. We have already produced so much in this world that we could clothe everyone on this planet 7 TIMES! One method of shopping sustainably that I have previously mentioned is thrifting! If you need any #Thriftspo definitely check out Sarah Dunk on Youtube! But, today I am here to tell you the NUMBER 1 most sustainable way to shop with BUNZ.

BUNZ is a local trading app based on community, sustainability and self expression! BUNZ takes second hand shopping to the next level. There is no cash involved, so this is an extremely cost effective way to shop, as well. Rather than throwing out your unused item, you are giving it new life in return for something you need/want. Items can range from furniture to food, to clothing!

Obviously, I started looking for denim items I could trade some of my old clothes for and look at all of these fantastic vintage pieces!

Like these amazing discontinued selvedge Levi's and these White 501s.

I actually picked up some amazing pieces this weekend and am very excited to pick up these Guess Tie Dyed jeans this week. Be sure to check my Instagram page for a closer look at the items I traded.

BUNZ also has its own currency called BTZ that you can use for trades, but also at local retailers, breweries and cafes that are BUNZ partners. You can earn BTZ by doing daily surveys and contributing to the BUNZ community. I love this sense of community because it honestly creates such a positive space! From my experience, it's also created seamless BUNZ trades where everyone is courteous and punctual. You can also review your traders profile, read their reviews, and ultimately build trust between you two before meeting up and trading.

Overall, BUNZ is a great option for shopping on a budget and sustainably while being part of a great community. If BUNZ isn't in your city yet, you can start it yourself! Simply start trading and watch your community grow. You can sign up through my link or directly through the website.

Thank you BUNZ for sponsoring this post. #BUNZLOVE


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