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Blue Jeans Go Green

Levi's has announced their recent partnership with Blue Jeans Go Green as another sustainable initiative for the brand. With the Waterless and Wasteless collections, it is great to see such a monumental brand make steps towards a sustainable supply chain. With a company this large, it will take time for them to acquire the necessary machines and technology used for sustainable production.

Blue Jeans Go Green is an organization that accepts denim scraps/cotton scraps and breaks the fibres down into insulation for communities in need. They partner with Bonded Logic Inc. to epicycle the scraps into UltraTouchTM Denim Insulation. I am a huge fan of this initiative, as some countries/states/cities do not have the infrastructure in place for textile recycling (like my own province). When launching Simply Suzette, I knew how important it was to be able to recycle an end product. This is why I launched in partnership with Blue Jeans Go Green!

It is important to have zero waste in mind when running a business, and Levi's new partnership will bring them closer to doing so. If you can imagine Levi's hitting $7.1 billion in revenue in one year, then you can probably imagine how many jeans they are producing. Every pair has offcuts/waste that is usually thrown out, but now they will be collected and used for another purpose.

It's all about recycling people. Be curious and ask the questions, where will my jeans end up? Will they be donated? Can they be recycled? Can I upcycle these?

As I've been preaching "sustainability is a journey," I have grown into wanting circularity rather than "sustainable" production methods. Programs like Blue Jeans Go Green are needed for consumers and brands to be able to recycle textiles and we need to see this on a larger scale.

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In the meantime... STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!


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