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10/27/18 Brain Dump

It has been so interesting to see how the world is adapting to our new normal and watch 2020 unfold. One of the positives that have come is Kingpins24! The 2nd edition of the new event is taking place TOMORROW and I wanted to share parts of this brain dump I had on the plane coming home from my first Kingpins show, October 27th, 2019 before this next show.

October 27, 2018 THERE IS NO ANSWER
  • The problem? There are tradeoffs to everything.

  • We're all promoting bullsh*t. We all need to influence GOOD

  • Influencers need to stop promoting crap, lead by example while scientists and developers work out the solutions

Consumers NEED to change or nothing will ever be solved.

  • Stop buying into the lies, be curious

  • Demand the truth

  • "I want to know what's going on my body just like I know what I am putting inside of it"

  • Food industry changed, now it's fashion's turn

The world isn't going to end.

  • We need to stop trying to scare people into change

  • Do you feel good knowing you're being taken advantage of through marketing ploys?


  • Knowledge is power

We need to "redefine" fashion: - Price is too cheap - "sustainability as status" is a dangerous motive - Demand for sustianable innovations is still very weak - Pricepoint has become an equalizer, so we need to tell the right story about the different levels of product they can buy - We used to pay for premium, but now we seek cheap


It's fun to progress with new innovations, and discover how they can work.

Removing the finer nitty gritty details about the different technology from this journal entry, we're pretty much talking about the same stuff here. So... why don't we actually start doing something about it? Change is hard and the hardest part is actually making that change. But, isn't everyone tired of talking about it? We have to take risks and we have to try new things. Like I said, it is fun to progress with new innovations and discover how they can help. I'm excited to see what's new at Kingpins24 tomorrow and I highly suggest you tune in!

Digital Media: A Vital Tool for the Whole Supplychain to Capatalize On

Join us in the next edition of Kingpins Show #KP24 event! Kingpins24 is hosting an extensive panel on digital marketing - what it means to our industry and our digitally transforming times, why it is a vital tool for the supply chain to capitalize on and how to make the best use of different platforms as our lives become more and more digital everyday.

We are looking forward to seeing you there! Don't forget to sign up for the event, and make sure you have downloaded the #zoomapp 💙


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