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Rooted in Nature: Unpeel the layers of farm to fashion

an                                                            collaboration

Unveiling "Unpeeled", the result of an unparalleled partnership between Simply Suzette and Interloop Ltd. Discover the intertwined stories of two pioneers in responsible fashion, united by a shared vision to peel back the layers of farm to fashion.

Dive into the DNA of our collection: the revolutionary Loomshake fabric. With 80% cotton and 20% banana fiber, it's the heart and soul of "Unpeeled". Explore how we bring traceability to life with LoopTrace technology and get a sneak peek into the digital fashion realm with CLO3D.


Looptrace, Interloop's innovative technology unveiled in September 2021, promises end-to-end traceability of cotton products, from farm to final product. Crafted in harmony with Octans Digital, Looptrace responds to the deep-rooted desires of brands for a clear lineage and environmental resonance. With over 8,000 farmers painting this tapestry, every thread from geotagged fields to QR-coded bales spins a tale of dedication and transparency. Through the lens of Looptrace, Interloop isn't just crafting garments, but stitching together narratives of origin and destiny.



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Interloop Limited is a vertically integrated, full family clothing supplier of hosiery, denim, knitted apparel and seamless activewear products. Interloop's leadership in environmental and social responsibility has earned it global recognition as a responsible manufacturer. With multiple LEED certified facilities, Fair Trade certification and as a member of United Nations Global Compact, Interloop is committed to sustainable development and establishing transparency in the fashion world.
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