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fashion supply chain 101


Hello! And welcome to Fashion Supply Chain 101! 
If you've engaged with our Denim Supply Chain 101, you're already acquainted with the journey a pair of jeans undertakes, detailing each phase it traverses before reaching store shelves, and its post-retail life. 
This initiative expands upon DSC101, targeting a broader spectrum of fashion items. We initiate with the foundational principles of sustainability, pivotal throughout this guide, then progress through the supply chain stages—beginning at the source. We elaborate on a wide range of materials, and how these are transformed into fabrics, garments, sold products, and waste. 
Our objective is to demystify supply chain mechanics, emphasising the best practices at every production phase. We believe that if there was more knowledge on fashion supply chains, consumers, designers, and all those who come across fashion in their lives would have the tools to make more sustainable choices. 

We start by introducing some practices that are relevant across the entire supply chain and then dive into the specific steps that garments go through. 

The fashion industry has found a way to use pretty much all materials and processes available, and it comes up with constant innovation, so it is pretty much impossible to cover it all. We know that our page is non-exhaustive, but if you would like to suggest some additions, we are always updating it, and happy to learn what’s new. 

Click on each step below to learn more ⤵

Step 1:

Raw Materials


Step 2:

Material Processing

raw materials

Step 3:

Cut & Sew 

Step 4:

Packaging & Shipping

Step 5:

Use & Care

Step 6:

End Of Life

Feel free to skip directly to the part that interests you the most, and let us know if this was useful for your work, studies, or curiosity. 

In qualità di sostenitrice dell'uso della moda come potere per il bene, Simply Suzette crea testi, immagini e contenuti digitali creativi che elevano la tua storia d'impatto.  
Ani utilizza la sua esperienza di pratiche e soluzioni sostenibili nella catena di approvvigionamento del denim  per evidenziare il cambiamento positivo e l'innovazione attraverso uno storytelling sostenibile specializzato in copywriting, contenuti digitali e istruzione.
Simply Suzette è stata scelta più volte per i suoi messaggi accattivanti, la grafica elevata e le immagini del marchio che aiutano a chiarire argomenti complicati.
Lavoriamo con marchi/fabbricanti/produttori in molti modi e siamo disponibili per progetti di collaborazione e orgogliosi di sostenere aziende e prodotti che amo veramente e in cui credo.

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