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cut & sew

Sampling is a process of making a product prototype prior to starting bulk production, and is a key part of the design and pre-production process, as it provides an essential opportunity to analyse what works before putting the design into production. Before deciding on the final shade, fabric, and fit, factories can make dozens of samples for one item that then goes into production. $6 to 8 billion is spent on sampling in the fashion industry every year, with each sample usually wrapped in plastic. These samples often are not sold, and their environmental impact should not be overlooked. 

Best Practice


3D sampling allows brands to create a virtual fit model of their product, and has become an innovative tool to minimise the harmful effects of the sampling stage. Companies like Clo3D, Taas, Optitex and Marvelous Designer provide digital sampling services, and it is impressive to see how they can recreate different fabrics, patterns, and lighting on the digital clothes.

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