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Would You Tip The Person Who Made Your Jeans?

I love the world of responsible and ethical fashion because the true players are always willing to share their successes for the greater good. That's how I got connected with Dawn Denim and Tip Me! Last week we discussed building care and ethics into the supply chain and it brings me back to one of the moral lessons we are taught as kids - treat people the way you want to be treated - and Dawn Denim + Tip Me perfectly demonstrates this.

Dawn Denim on its own has always put the people behind their jeans first, but when COVID-19 and the influx of canceled orders hit, founder, Marian von Rappard, wanted to make sure his factory workers felt cared for when it seemed the world didn't care about them at all. That's when Tip Me came in.

We're so used to tipping our barista at the coffee shop or our waiter after a tasty meal out, why don't we tip the garment workers who actually make our clothes? Tip Me allows consumers to give a tip to the garment worker that made their jeans through the Tip Me e-commerce widget. Simply choose how much you wish to give and 100% of the tip will go directly to the garment worker’s phone.

Being able to send money to individual garment workers takes an extreme level of transparency and creates a direct connection with the consumer and producer - something I am a huge advocate for. But most of all, it means consumers, brands and our supply chain can work together to create real change and build strong and resilient value chains.

I feel very lucky to be able to speak to such inspirational people and I hope you enjoy my chat below with Jonathon Funke, Founder of Tip Me, and Marian von Rappard, Founder of Dawn Denim. Until next time friends, STAY DILIGENT!


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