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Why Trading is Better than Donating

A few weeks ago I introduced BUNZ to you. I am here today to explain why.

One of my top sustainability tips is to extend the life of a garment. An easy way to do so, is to donate or pass on your clothes when you are done with them. BUT, posting your items on BUNZ instead of dropping them off at Goodwill or Salvation Army directly benefits you. Instead of donating your items, post your items on BUNZ and receive something in return. A trade for a trade. This not only extends the life of the piece you are done with, it also brings something new to you that will be more useful!

You never really know where your clothes are actually going, when donated, and if they will end up being used when donating them, so why not take control of that?! I truly believe BUNZ is such a great way to get rid of your old items, while searching for items you actually need second hand. Sometimes, there are items that are completely brand new/unused.

I generally look for vintage denim pieces on here, as well as zero waste tools!

Like this vintage Lee jacket and awesome zero waste lunch kit !

Sign up now through this link and thank you to BUNZ for sponsoring this post. Sorry for posting on a Tuesday, but Monday was a holiday for me in Canada! I hope you all have a great week and STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!


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