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What's New at Kingpins

NY Kingpins Show is an invitation only industry trade show displaying the worlds best mills. I try to attend every show because I learn first hand information from the informative panels they hold, and standards they put in place for their exhibitors. I'd like to share my largest takeaways, as there are many mills and organizations out there creating sustainable products. We as consumers have to push brands to adopt these products, so they can start to develop sustainable products in a feasible way.


Siddiqsons Ltd was one mill I had the privilege of talking to. Their aniline free indigo sign is what drew me in, but their innovative change in the supply chain is what really struck me! They have reversed the last steps in the supply chain to first wash then finish the product with Jeanologia's laser technology. This ultimately means no overproduction! This will allow brands to essentially create a blank pair of jeans, test a small run of your desired design in the market, then tweak it until it's ready to be fully produced.

Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (AFGI) was also an amazing mill creating many options for sustainable materials, catering to every need! From raw denim, to performance fabrics, there is a sustainable option for you. A full blog post will be coming soon on all of their new innovations. One that specifically excited me was their new fabric made out of sugar!


As for the panels, I was able to see Amy Leverton from Denim Dudes present the trends for AW20. Here are a few examples of the trends we will be seeing!


Lastly, I sat in on the panel discussion surrounding sustainability moderated by the UN. This was a great discussion bringing different organizations together, from all sectors of business. The theme of the discussion was collaboration. The UN has identified that there is a major problem in the denim and fashion industry, and wants to see the innovators sharing their concepts, so others will also be able to adopt those processes. Working together is the only way we will truly find the best solutions to our problems. I highly suggest taking a look at the Sustainability Map from the International Trade Centre !

I hope you enjoyed this summary! Until next time, STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!


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