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What's Coming for Sustainable Denim in 2020?

I've been reading so many great round ups of 2019 and wanted to share some of my favourites. 2019 was a huge freakin year for sustainability in the denim and fashion industry, so let's bring on this decade of action! Here are my favourite 2019 round ups:

And here's a quick spark notes version of what's covered in the articles above:

  • biodegradable stretch denim

  • compostable and recycled fibres

  • recycling fibres

  • no dye denim

  • indigo-free denim

  • foam dyeing

  • cottonized hemp

  • transparency

  • traceable cotton

  • laser customization

  • water stewardship

  • upcycling

Let me know what you'd like to see in denim for 2020 in the comments or on insta ;)


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