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#WEAR2019 with Fashion Takes Action

I was thrilled to be able to attend the World Ethical Apparel Roundtable, by Fashion Takes Action, this year in Toronto, and came away with a whole new perspective. I might not have learned about any new innovations (with one exception), but the conversations and presentations that were put on during the two days really got attendees thinking in a different way.

My biggest takeaway from the conference was that sustainable fashion revolves around trade-offs. No brand is truly sustainable. Production, in general, is unsustainable. But, there are different methods that save our resources, produce less waste, or reuses waste, that is being implemented into brands supply chain that makes them better than traditional methods of production. However, there are trade-offs that involve having to decide between a sustainable fabric and durability, or design and recyclability, for example.

Over the networking period, I had a great conversation about capsule/uniform dressing and came to the conclusion that this is the way we want to live our lives. I've been trying to achieve a capsule wardrobe for years now and somehow, I just can't seem to let go of the garments I've accumulated over the years. But, one piece of advice I got from my friend is that if you don't want to let go of it then don't! Take the pressure off of trying to minimize it and let it happen naturally. As you get more comfortable with your own personal style, it will be more clear as to what items you no longer need.

Again, sustainability is a journey. I live by the saying "progress, not perfection" and I truly believe any small change is a step in the right direction. It just takes training your mind to think a bit differently than it’s used to. After writing this blog post, I come to think of sustainability as a mindset actually. Being more mindful is a way of life!

If you'd like to learn more about capsule dressing, please click here to attend my Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe Workshop with Encircled!



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