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Transparency, Traceability, Circularity, Authenticity.

How is everyone doing? Have you been struggling to keep up with your virtual reality these days? I know I have. There are so many live chats and webinars happening constantly that there is so much noise and it is getting extremely hard to sift through. Most panels and webinars revolve around the question of what the future holds, and all answers are starting to sound the same. My friend Jayesh, founder of Blue Dojo, called it a ‘formula’ and I thought that was the perfect way to describe it.


These are the 4 buzz words or the ‘formula’ I am finding at the root of most discussions, but don't get me wrong. I am ALL for it! It is great to hear the leading players in the denim industry share their insights on how the future of denim should look. And with so many experts sharing their knowledge right now, we are all becoming aware of what needs to be done after everyone recovers. COVID has accelerated a lot of trends in our industry, but I really hope it accelerates action, as well. If you'd like to hear my thoughts on the current situation, I did a little write up on my Top 10 list over on Denim Dudes last month. I would love if you checked it out :)

Until next time friends, stay safe and STAY DILIGENT!


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