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The Perfect Pair w/ Left Hand Twill

I had the pleasure of meeting Solomon, founder of Left Hand Twill, a couple of years ago at Nashville Denim Days. I walked up to his booth and found my perfect pair of vintage white 505s. Soon after we got to talking, I just felt at ease. Solomon has always made me feel like a friend when I oftentimes show up to denim events alone :p So I am very excited to have Solomon as the next guest on The Perfect Pair series.

Time for Q & A!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do, and why you love denim.

My name is Solomon Russell and I run Left Hand Twill which is a denim brand that consists of vintage and more recently original designs. I’m currently working on a collection called Twill Beach that I’m really excited about. I love denim because every garment tells a story. With vintage denim the story’s been told until you get it and start wearing it. You can breathe new life into a jacket or jeans and with that there’s a new chapter for your denim. If you buy a pair of new raw jeans, it’s up to you to wear them and tell the story of that pair.

2. What is your favorite pair of jeans and why?

My favorite pair of jeans are my Japan Blue Jeans JB0601’s. The part I love the most about them are the pocket bags, the one detail no else can see! Unless... ya know. But they’re crafted really well and I just love them. I really love my Lee Storm Rider jacket also.

3. What is it about our industry that really pulled you in?

I started LHT out of my love for denim. I worked hard enough to catch a few lucky breaks and a few years later I still feel the same way. Being a part of the industry now, it’s been nothing but love for me and what I do. I’ve met some amazing, talented, awe-inspiring people and they're just as humble as anyone.


P.S. keep hi-stepping on em’ Ani, I need shades cause your future is so bright.

Thank you Solomon for your positivity and keeping us all inspired!!! If you haven't checked out Left Hand Twill be sure you do and make sure to follow him on IG for his amazing content and PSA's ;)


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