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"The Jeans Redesign"

It's taken me a while to write about The Ellen MacArthur Foundation's "Jeans Redesign Guide" that was released with Make Fashion Circular. But, I am so thrilled to see an organization come out with an open source framework for denim brands to follow.

There are so many certifications out there these days that brands have to invest in, but it would be much simpler for consumers to understand if there was a universal certification for responsible production. This Jeans Redesign guide helps this problem and the hope is that all denim brands will eventually follow this guideline and will receive a stamp of approval!

Now what is the Jeans Redesign include?

The guide is based on four pillars: durability, material health, recyclability, and traceability. These pillars are based on the principal of the circular economy and works to encourage a closed loop life cycle for the product. The health and safety of the people behind the scenes is a prerequisite, but there are minimum requirements for jeans on durability, material health, recyclability, and traceability.

  • DURABILITY: should withstand 30 washes and have washing instructions on the label

  • MATERIAL HEALTH: use cellulose fibres from organic, regenerative, or transitional farming methods and are free of hazardous chemicals

  • RECYCLABILITY: 98% cellulose fibre with the ability to remove all other features of the jean

  • TRACEABILITY: having the information that confirms that the guideline requirements have been met and being able to access the info easily

"Confirmed participants to date include Arvind Limited, Bestseller (through the Vero Moda brand), Boyish Jeans, C&A, GAP, Hirdaramani, H&M Group (through the H&M and Weekday brands), HNST, Kipas, Lee®, Mud Jeans, OUTERKNOWN, Reformation, Sai-Tex, Tommy Hilfiger. The Guidelines have been endorsed by clothing collectors and recyclers Bank and Vogue, Circular Systems, EVRNU, HKRITA, I:CO, Infinited Fiber Company, Lenzing, Recover, re:newcell, Texaid, Tyton Biosciences LLC, Wolkat, and Worn Again. They have also been endorsed by the NGOs Fashion Revolution andTextile Exchange." states The Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

For more information head to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and in the meantime STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!


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