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Sustainable Denim For Your Summer Wardrobe

What are your favourite denim trends? Upcycled and patchwork looks are definitely a fave, but I have completely fallen in love with loose rigid fits over the past couple of years which have no need for any synthetic materials! Loose fits mean no stretch needed, and stretch equates to polyester and elastomeric fibers. Rigid denim is also much easier to manage in weaving, cutting, sewing, and creating zero waste patterns leading us to less waste and more durable products. As things start to open up again, I am looking forward to outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, wafting around the city, and of course, rocking out in my favourite jeans. If you are like me and do not buy new jeans (or any type of garments) regularly, you definitely want to find the best option out there that the vast world of “sustainable” fashion has to offer. In a perfect world, the best option means looking good, feeling good, being made ethically and from the most sustainable and regenerative materials. It might sound impossible, but there are many denim brands out there that are doing great things! If you are on a hunt for your new favourite jeans for summer, don’t click out! WGSN recently released a new denim trend board for the Spring/ Summer season of 2021 with a splash of colours and more comfortable silhouettes, adapting to our new lifestyle of emerging back to the new normal. Here are some of our faves 👖

For more brands we love who aren’t sacrificing ethics for aesthetics, you can visit the Shop.


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