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If you’re tired, angry, frustrated and sad, I'm sorry. I feel it too. It’s been a soul searching week, and my little brother said something that stuck with me. “ I hope people learn to love each other.” I hope so too.

I started Simply Suzette because I wanted to make a difference. Sustainability is about preserving beauty around us and about being good stewards of what we have been given. That beauty is so clearly on display in each and every one of us - individuals, unique and beautiful, no matter race or gender. And change will start with each of us as individuals. We all have a voice and we all have a role to play.

I started working for the Conscious Fashion Campaign a few months ago where I learnt about the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. They are amazing. They provide a clear framework of what good business should look like and SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities, in particular, deals with discriminatory laws that contribute to systemic racism. But, I wish more people would use these goals as a framework for their own personal lives too. No one said these goals were for companies only. They're for cities, countries, the world, and they're for us.

We have a responsibility everyday to be good citizens and that means voting for the world we want to live in whether that's with our dollars, our voices or our ballots.

We all have a responsibility to call out racism and inequality where we see it and seek to make lasting change in our communities and in our world.

11.11 Clothing posted a beautiful and hopeful analogy here:

"The metaphor of mending insists that beauty can be built in the wake of a breakdown - that we can connect with each other even in times of rupture. It’s a transformational process offering us hope that we can turn a broken present into something that can function again. If you’re suffering from a broken heart, a conflict , experiencing pandemic overwhelm or if the recent news has brought you to tears - the process of mending is a reminder that nothing is beyond repair."

I love 11.11 for the tender love and care they give their artisans. They really tackle SDG 10 and had even started an Artisan Relief Fund to help artisans deeply affected by the Covid-19 crisis. If you can donate anything, it would mean the world to the makers. "Textiles and clothing have a powerful way of registering culture, stories of people, and where they come from. The people at the foundation of our value chain are custodians of living history. They are essential to this moment - offering inspiring lessons on how to collaborate with nature [and one another] sustainably." - 11.11 Clothing


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