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Plug n' Play Sustainable Tech with Tonello


The best things take time and they sure don’t come easy. It takes a team of skillful problem solvers to keep inching towards our big sustainability goals and that means continuing to improve on the things that are working well! And that’s exactly what Tonello has done. After listening to customers' needs and feedback, Tonello wanted to make a good thing even better with THE Laser range. THE Laser range builds on Tonello’s iconic laser technology to create relevant products that improve productivity, flexibility, speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

Here’s my train of thought for you. Productivity leads to efficiency, which leads to a conservation of time, energy and resources. Flexibility and speed allows for last minute design changes in the finishing stages without scraping readymade garments. And accuracy and repeatability means less defected products equaling less wasted product.

One of the main features of THE Laser’s simple, digital and automatic design (outside of its Laundry (R)evolutionary processing that is kinder to our planet) is the ease of use and maintenance. But, that’s just one of the many. All machines in the range have the most efficient fume extraction, while all having an increased quality and repeatability of marking with reduced execution times.

The Laser Lab is one of my favorites because of its plug and play aspect, and compact design. As we all try to come up with solutions to fight our overproduction problem, on-demand has been one of the most promising approaches. With on-demand customization, I see a future where retail concept shops stock blanks ready for shoppers to customize the pieces as they wish. You can see this concept being done in Vietnam by retailer Me by Mee or at the Candiani Denim Store in Milan. The Laser Lab allows for on-demand customization with those last minute finishing touches, making someone a very happy shopper who will keep their personalized and custom jeans forever - well hopefully forever now that they are so special and unique to them. Not only good for shops and labs, but is also perfect for production purposes too.

The Laser Table is a bigger tool with a working area of 150x150 cm. Its dual design space and three different modes make it flexible and speedy to get you market ready ASAP. The Laser Table & Mannequin is equipped with new mannequins that have a larger space for operations and faster positioning with a 360 degree design mode so you can get into all the nooks and crannies. The Laser Conveyor gets right to business just like a well managed assembly line. This machine is made for non-stop laser processing, specializing in knits, but don’t worry denim friends, it’s also great for denim too. To make it easier to get from design concept to product without unnecessary and wasteful samples, the Tonello team has also created CREA: The New Laser Software for the entire range that allows you to see the final result of the laser marking before making a physical sample with simplified and automated functions. Created by designers, for designers. Overall, THE Laser range is the result of hard teamwork and listening to customer requests, but it is also the work of building on existing technology to make it that much better. Rather than chasing an entirely new concept, improving an already great concept has pushed Tonello to reach more of their sustainability and productivity goals. We love to see it. Until next time friends, always be curious and STAY DILIGENT!


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