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Marble Made Out of Repurposed Denim

Upcycling denim has been a huge trend lately and is one of my favourite ways to create new modern pieces using what we already have. Sophie Rowley, of New Zealand, has created upcycled denim masterpieces that resemble marble like structures!

The brand is called Bahia Denim and has a collection of small tables in which the pattern of the discarded denim resembles marble!

This is just another example of how we can re-use denim that can no longer be worn. If you are looking to discard of any denim, I work with Blue Jeans Go Green to get rid of unwanted scraps! These scraps are then broken down and turned into insulation.

Check out some of Sophie's work here!

Also, while I have you here, come by my pop up this weekend and get an exclusive preview of the new Spring collection!


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