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Let's Get Cycling! Does C2C Ensure A Perfect Product?


Perfection is impossible, but we’re all out here trying to achieve it, or at least the closest version to it we can find. We’ve been told we need radical change to shift from our take-make-waste societies to circular ones, but I am one of the few believers out there that thinks we need an evolution over a revolution. We’re on a journey of progress over perfection and I have really enjoyed watching Dawn Denim experiment with perfection in their cradle to cradle collection. The concept of circularity is exciting, but it has its challenges and nuances, which we’ll get into with Dawn Denim on their road to chasing the purest denim out there in this latest collection. When striving for perfection, it means looking at every single aspect in the entire lifecycle of a jean. Will you be left with a fabric that leeches harsh chemicals into soils? Will there be a secondary use for that material? Let’s go back to the leeching harsh chemicals bit. Indigo is inherently “unsustainable” if you want to use blanket terminology, but that’s because fixing indigo to yarn requires a lot of effort. To avoid the extra impact indigo automatically creates, Dawn Denim has chosen to go for an undyed approach with a pure organic cotton denim. I’m personally a fan of the Ecru trend going on right now and am all for undyed denim! Undyed and 100% organic cotton means you're not only slipping into some of the most eco-vocative jeans out there, they're also ready to be cycled into something new. And I'm talking the real deal with removable twist-off buttons, embroidered back patches and mono materials, making it as easy as possible to be recycled when it’s full life is over. We know that using what we have is the best thing we can do, and chasing circularity gives us hope for a system that thrives on using waste. It also means getting everyone involved in the fashion system giving EVERYONE a chance to be the change. And that is something that gets me very excited.

Cradle to Cradle, or otherwise known as C2C, is a certification that I have always recommended keeping your eyes out for due to its rigorous assessments. But, it doesn’t mean a product is perfect, which Dawn Denim has experienced first hand. In their journey to make the purest jeans to date, they were faced with a choice between eliminating polyester all together or creating a durable product using poly-sewing threads. Now this didn’t ruin the circularity aspect of the garments, but it was a roadblock that needed some work.

As we’ve heard from founder Marian von Rappard, you’re only as good as the problems you solve. To reach Dawn Denim’s goals of producing the purest denim to date, the team opted for a pre-order of the collection and worked to create a durable 100% cotton sewing thread that met the standards for durability.

Like I said earlier, we’re on a journey to perfection and we’re tackling our roadblocks as best as we can. But, things are never black and white, only grey ( or in this case ecru ;) ).

Check out Dawn Denim’s Pure Beauty, No Dye collection here.


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