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Less, But Better. Or So They Say...

How are we already in December? I don't know about you but my sense of time has gone out the window. I look at the time, look back and think, "where the heck did 3 hours just go?" The world can often feel divided, but our changing concept of time feels universal and we can see that being reflected in fashion choices.

During corona time, we were forced to wait patiently for our online orders due to the hiccups in production and the supply chain, but this might have been training us for the future of fashion... The urgency of the purchase has started to dwindle along with consumers interest in cheap fast fashion.

A new consumer survey by Avocado Matress found that 54% of the 2500 sampled were opposed to fast fashion and 69% said they were concerned about fashion's environmental impact. 46% of respondents also said that they believe it is possible to be stylish and sustainable!

The eco-fashionista has been demanding change from brands and we're starting to see more season-less, on demand, and pre-order business models with the goal of having as little unsold stock as possible to curb our ginormous waste problem, while meeting consumers changing demands.


Mud Jeans has always produced season-less styles, but they are also known for their Lease A Jeans program, educating their customers on the entire life cycle of a Mud Jean product while involving them in the process of creating a circular brand.

Nudie Jeans is similar in the sense that they produce high quality essentials while involving their customer in their jeans entire lifecycle. Nudie Jeans takes back your old Nudie's to be artfully mended and repaired into beautiful jeans with a new life, sold on their "Re-Use" drops. And these drops always sell out. (P.S. Drop 11 landed last week, take a peek and see if there are any left!)

Unpsun is a new company that was built on the foundation of on-demand production / pre-ordering custom fitting jeans based on digital sizing software. You simply take a body scan from your phone, and Unspun will create your perfect fitting jeans. Made specifically for you.

It's pretty cool to see how we can move the needle to drive change, and it's clear we have good intentions as consumers, but as I have always found, there is an intention versus action gap!

Even though more than half the respondents in Avocado Mattress's survey said they were concerned about fashion's impact, most said their actions are not very green and 44% admitted to throwing away perfectly good clothes. And even with the belief that you can be stylish and sustainable, 54% said that affordability was more important than durability when shopping.

So, as our intentions are shifting, our actions are not. But durable, quality goods need to be in our future! And going forward, we need LESS BUT BETTER.

That's something I'm taking to heart here at Simply Suzette, meaning... I will be going down to 2 articles a month to make sure I'm bringing you the best and truest information forward!!

I hope you'll all understand :) STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!


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