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Kingpins + Denim Days Round Up

📍 Kingpins Amsterdam 2022

It’s tough to be wowed these days as we are all working towards common goals, but there were 2 innovations at Kingpins that blew my mind! Check out my thoughts in this Sourcing Journal article!

📍 Denim Days Festival 2022

Denim Days was a time to be alive, and I especially felt alive during Celia Geraedts of Blue Print Amsterdam’s natural dye workshop in collaboration with Terra Dyes! At the beginning of the workshop, Celia introduced the event by speaking to our relationship with nature. I loved how she tied in “grounding” ourselves through nature and the benefit it brings to our overall wellbeing. So why not have natural dyes rubbing off on us via our clothing versus toxic ones?

Officina+39 also had an amazing installation in collaboration with Adriana Galijasevic showcasing a world of Circular concepts while putting a spotlight on our ability to have choice in everything we do. All pieces were second hand and upcycled using Officina’s Recycrom, a pigment made from recycled clothing! It displayed the wonderful approach to coplete circularity taking second hand Tommy pieces and upcycling it with Recycrom made from old Tommy clothing!


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