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Justice Denim - Sustainable Denim giving Schooling to Those in Need

Justice Denim ticks off all the boxes for a sustainable denim brand. They base their business model on the following: design must be ethically manufactured and accredited, hand-crafted for quality, and sustainably made to reduce waste. With all these things in mind, Justice Denim has also made it their mission to rescue children who have been trapped in slavery, exploited, underprivileged and denied of an education.Justice Denim is a winner in my eyes, as I love their commitment to social justice alongside their sustainability efforts. When you purchase a pair of Justice Denim jeans, you are pledging your support for girls right around the world. That’s because each piece of denim funds 4 life-changing weeks of school for an innocent girl who is eager to learn.

I got myself a pair of their black high rise skinnies and immediately could feel the quality of the fabric and design. They are the perfect skinny for all occasions and come in three perfect washes.

Let's get into the sustainability aspects of these perfect fitting jeans.

What I really love about Justice Denim is that they communicate to their customers that sustainability is about balance. They admit they are not perfect, but no one is and anyone who says they are are lying.

Justice sources from Calik who is Bluesign accredited and is also a member of the Better Cotton Initiative. I've had the chance to see Calik's fabrics and learn more about their processes and can say with confidence they are working hard to become even more responsible. I have also spoken with the founder of Justice Denim who has been sourcing new, more sustainable fabrics (coming soon along with a new fit!).

With and cutting and sewing your jeans, there are a lot of off-cuts that get wasted, but with Justice Denim, they donate their scraps to quilters who use them for other projects.

The buttons, rivets and zippers are sourced from YKK who is the leading supplier for fastenings and follow the ISO26000 guidelines for a sustainable business practice. Their sustainable offerings are lead free.

Lastly, their swing tags and shipping boxes are made from recycled paper and offer to recycle your old jeans for you.

Overall, Justice Denim is a fantastic brand always looking for new ways to be better. This is what sustainable production is all about.


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