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How to Make Sustainable Shopping Choices

In world where Zara and H&M rule the world, it is very hard to ignore cheap and cheerful clothing. However, if you are trying to make the stride to purchasing more thoughtfully, here are some tips for you!

1. Visit Vintage and Thrift Stores The most sustainable way to shop, in my opinion, is purchasing second hand. That is the reason I like to carry a range of vintage denim! Whenever I have the urge to shop, I will go to my local thrift shop to check out what is new and if there are any pieces for me! The thrill of the find is an amazing feeling.

2. Invest in Season-less Styles As consumers, we are constantly being shown new collections, new Spring colours, new this, new that, but, we really should be looking for pieces that we can wear year round. This leads me into the #30Wears rule!

3. #30Wears Rule This rule forces you to think about whether or not you will wear the piece you are thinking of buying at least 30 times. If you don't think you will, then don't buy it. But, if you believe you will wear the item 30 times or more, it should have a place in your wardrobe.

4. Always choose quality over quantity. Our society has become accustomed to buying clothing for less than it is worth due to unethical work practices. An example I always give is, say you are buying a $5.00 t-shirt. How do you expect the garment worker who made that shirt to be paid a living wage? We need to get back into the mentality of saving up to buy that new wool coat that will last you for years and even a lifetime with good care. Quality trumps quantity.

5. Stay Up to Date Try to stay up to date on new fibres or new brands that are doing good things. I know it is hard to keep up with, but subscribe to a few newsletter like Who What Wear or me for updates in the industry you are interested in!

I hope these tips help you get on the right track, and for now STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!

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