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How a Sustainable Supply Chain in Denim Can Be Supported

It is becoming known that denim is a dirty business. When I first started researching and preaching to the crowds, nobody knew how bad it's production was for the planet and the people making it. Nowadays, sustainability is becoming a buzz words, but also necessity for brands to stay relevant. However, there are so many different certifications out there for brands to apply to, that the system has become very inefficient.

After reading this article from Forbes, I do believe that there should be universal standards/certifications to eliminate the overlap of some certificates. It would also allow brands to invest that money into new technology for sustainable production and higher quality fabrics made to last.

The topic of localized, on-demand production is also raised in this article, but I feel as though established brands who wholesale their products will not be able to practice this production method. Localized, on-demand production means producing a garment for a customer purchasing at that moment. This method would definitely solve this issue of overstock and deadstock, ultimately creating a more sustainable industry.

I can see this happening for smaller/start-up brands, but see it as far-fetched for the bigger players.

If you are interested in reading more about this, you can read Forbes's article here.

Hope you have a great week and STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!


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