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House of Gold

AG Jeans has been a main player in the sustainable denim game, but Adriano himself wanted to take it a step further to enable other players to produce sustainable denim, as well. That's where House of Gold come in.

House of Gold is a full service agency for denim, from production to marketing and sales help. The best part is, it's not outrageously expensive for brands to use. Their goal is "To be the pioneer for elevated indigo-related products in the international market, all delivered at a democratic price."

This is a huge deal for brands trying to produce a sustainable product in the denim industry. A lot of the times, purchasing the equipment necessary or finding the right was houses can be very expensive and not feasible. I myself have learnt this first hand.

Currently they have partnered with Blue Diamond for producing sustainable textiles/fibres, In the Loop, and Jeans Laundry for sustainable washing methods, using minimal amounts of chemicals and water.

Will Adriano solve the problem for smaller brands trying to do the right thing?

Read more about the services and facility here.


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