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Get Your Sustainable Fashion Fix and Zero Waste Needs with BTZ

By now you know I love to use Bunz to get rid of my unused items in return for something I actually need. But, I have also started to make note of the different boutiques on Bunz where you can use your BTZ for their items, or offer a trade for their products, as well. One of my favourite's is Hera and Co, who offers zero waste products! It feels like I am really getting items I want for free, although I am earning my BTZ by contributing to the Bunz community in a positive way like reposting to the daily surveys.

What's even better is that you can use your BTZ at physical retail locations, like your local coffee shop. I love to go to Impact Kitchen and go a lot more now that I can basically get my tea or meal for free :p

Now more fashion related... sustainable fashion is a weird term to me now, as everyone has their own definition of it. But, local retailer Kotn is a fully transparent Canadian brand that truly believes in ethical production. Their prices are extremely reasonable, but I still love the fact that I can use my BTZ for their essential tee, a staple in my jeans and tee wardrobe, instead of dipping into my bank account to shop from a responsible brand like Kotn.

Another great local retailer I buy my zero waste products, such as refillable shampoo, from is Token. Last time I was in refilling some soap, I saw the cutest denim tote bags! I did not get one, as I have way too many of them, but if anyone is in the market, I'd go before they're gone!

Thank you Bunz for sponsoring this post! Definitely sign up for Bunz if you are looking to declutter and earn some extra spending money while your at it! Thanks for reading and until next time, STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS! #BunzLove #Ad


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