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Dye Your Clothes with Recycled Clothes?! - Officina+39

Officina+39 is an innovative chemical company based in Biella, Italy. They hav over 30 years of experience in the textile sector doing research and chemical application and has become one of the most sustainable dye experts in the world for all you sustainable denim lovers.

I had the privilege of speaking with Officina+39 at NY Denim Days back in June where they debuted their newest innovation, Recyrcom. Recycrom is a revolutionary sustainable dyestuffs range, using recycled clothes, textile scraps and fibrous material. Officina has developed a unique technology that takes the fibres, pulverizes them, and turns them into powder. It is made from 100% recycled materials which is so cool!

They are also the creators of NebuDye, which uses a nebulizer to ensure your product comes out looking exactly the way you want it to, using no water at all.

SMART BLEACH is a new bleaching technology for nebulization systems. This innovative technology is specially designed to replace the conventional chlorine (or potassium permanganate) used for denim bleaching in washing machine. Applying SMART BLEACH with their Nebulization system can bleach indigo and black denim with 90% less water.

It's cool to see chemical companies finding solutions for hazardous materials because chemical companies automatically have a bad rep. I think its great to see so many new alternatives to previously hazardous treatments, and that investing in research and development is so key for a better future!!

I hope you enjoyed this one and could nerd out with me a little :p Follow me on my Instagram to read about the different types of textile recycling! In the meantime STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!


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