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City Life and Sustainable Shopping

Living in a busy city can be quite wasteful. Did you know that Toronto, alone, buys 1 MILLION coffee cups a day? And guess what, these coffee cups can't actually be recycled due to the wax-like lining in them! A great method to stop adding to your city's waste problem is by using trading as your method of shopping. There are great groups on Facebook to trade unwanted items, clothing swaps that happen around the city, like Fashion Takes Action's, and apps like Bunz to find the items you actually need and want without costing the environment and your wallet!

Because there is so much to do in the city, we often get caught up in shopping for outfits that we will only wear once for an event or night out. I strongly encourage you to shift this mindset into using what you have and being creative. If you see outfit inspiration on Instagram, use it as inspiration. Don't buy that exact shirt that blogger is wearing. See if you can use what you have in your closet to make a similar looking outfit, and if you really can't, try using Bunz to get rid of something you no longer wear in exchange for a piece that will satisfy your want.

I have tended to stick to trading clothing items on Bunz, but you can find anything from reusable water bottles to shelving units on here. I found these amazing vintage Levi's on the app and it was much easier than sorting through thrift stores and vintage stores to find a pair in my size! I was also able to trade them for an old pair of jeans that I haven't worn in years, so I am happy I was able to give them to someone who will actually wear them. Shopping sustainably is becoming more and more accessible for consumers and I want to continue sharing the best resources out there for you to be able to make the better choice. I am a huge fan of Bunz and their community and I am very thankful that they have chosen to sponsor this post.

Overall, BUNZ is a super convenient option for shopping affordably and sustainably, while being part of a great community. If BUNZ isn't in your city yet, you can start it yourself! Simply start trading and watch your community grow. You can sign up through my link or directly through the website.

The #BunzLove is real!


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