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Candiani - The Future Of Retail?

Hyper-local production is a concept I am very interested in as we look to beat climate change. You could be using the most environmentally sound materials in the world with a radically transparent supply chain (which should be business as usual), but when shipping those materials all over the world, your carbon footprint can add up very quickly. That's why I was so excited to experience Cadiani Denim's micro-factory retail store offering consumers custom made jeans. Here's how it works!

When you enter the store, the first thing you see is all of the suppliers and manufacturers involved in the process of making your jeans showing you where all materials are coming from. You will find that every piece of your Candiani jean comes from within a 200 mile radius while using the best materials and latest technology on the market like 100% Tencel sewing threads, organic cotton pocketing, and circular screw off buttons.

After browsing the store and all it has to offer with Manolo and Daniele, it's time to start the custom jeans process.

➝ First, you pick your favourite fit. I picked the Boyfriend and the Palazzo. ↳ Next, you get measured by Candiani's expert tailor, Mikaela, ensuring the perfect fit. ↳ Lastly, you get to customize/choose all your denim features from fabric, sewing thread, back patch design, buttons, and the option to add special embroideries.

This experience engages consumers in the process of making their jeans and shows them how much thought, work and skill go into making a premium jean. It also creates a greater connection between the wearer and their garment, helping them appreciate the true value of their jeans, and ultimately taking the right measure to care and extend the life of their jeans.

A quick glance at my two pairs of customade jeans from Candiani:

Is this the future of retail? I hope so!

Until next YEAR friends! 🤠Always be curious and stay diligent! 🎉


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