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Best Vintage Denim Shops in Toronto

Okay, I am about to share my BIGGEST vintage secrets right now. As you all know, I curate a selection of handpicked vintage denim that’s always in exceptional vintage condition. I also will refurbish or up-cycle my finds, to make them look and feel more modern. To find the best product however, you need to know the best vintage stores for denim!

Here is a list of my favourite spots and why:

  1. Public Butter - Public Butter is my absolute go to for denim. Their selection is the largest quantity of high quality vintage denim I have ever found. I always walk out of there with at least one pair of jeans and a couple of jackets! Their prices aren’t cheap anymore, as vintage style has become more popular. But, I believe the price is worth it. When I say “not cheap,” the jackets have increased from $40.00 to $80.00, so you’re still saving money and textile waste by purchasing here.

  2. House of Vintage - House of Vintage is right across the street from Public Butter making it a very convenient stop that is well worth it. They have a very carefully curated selection of denim that never fails. If you are looking to find a pair quickly and efficiently, I highly suggest coming here! Now, they do charge a bit extra for the curation, but it makes your life much easier by not having to sort through piles and piles of denim. The only thing that is lacking is the denim jackets. Their selection is slim to none.

  3. Black Market - Black Market has been a Toronto staple since I can remember. When I was in high school, my friends and I would come here to find all the cheap goodies. To this day, everything is still only $10.00 per item! In this grungy basement shop, you will find walls and walls of denim shorts and jeans, as well as racks of denim jackets. All for $10.00. As you can imagine, this shop is a little harder to sort through. But, if you do find your gem, the deal cannot be beat!

  4. Exile - Kensington Market - Exile is my favourite vintage store in Kensington, but there are many in and around that area that are all fantastic. I have found some of my rarest vintage levi’s from this store and for reasonable prices. My most prized possession is a pair of 1960’s orange tab Levi’s with a cute little flare that are in perfect condition. They are to die for. Most of the prices in this store range from $30.00-$50.00, but they are very knowledgeable and will charge more for their rare pieces. For example, with the 1960s I found, I knew immediately what I had just picked up, but I was curious if they knew too and they sure did! The shop owner gave me a whole breakdown on how they knew this pair was from the 60s. Fantastic items, good vibes, and fair prices!

Of course, there are many other vintage stores in Toronto, but these are my absolute top favourites for finding denim. There is a trick to finding the good pieces though! Would you all be interested in finding out how to score the best styles and fits? Comment “oh yes” on my latest Instagram post on @SimplySuzette ! For the meantime, stay diligent and I will be back next week!


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