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A Conscious Guide To Washing Your Jeans

When I tell people I don't wash my jeans, I get a lot of "ew you're disgusting," but hey, I get that lol. I've written a post about caring for your jeans before, but I have been getting asked more frequently on how to wash your jeans in a more eco-friendly manner, when you're opposed to not washing them at all :p

1. Wash your clothes less

We have been raised to wash our clothes after every wear, but this is completely unnecessary. Of course if you've had a highly active day and sweat profusely, wash your clothes. But, start to get into the mindset that clothing only needs to be washed when it smells bad or has staining on it.

2. Hand wash as many clothes as you can

I know it's a longer process, but it really saves the amount of water you are using, and it also is gentler on your clothing helping them last longer.

3. Wash your clothes in a cold cycle

Make sure you are doing a full load of laundry before you use the machine, but also make sure to use a cool cycle, as this can use up to 40% less energy than a warm/hot cycle.

4. Wash your clothes in a washing bag

Microplastics are still seeping into our water systems through washing, but there are companies, like Guppy Friend, that have come out with washing bags to stop these micro plastics from leaking into our water.

5. Use environmentally friendly detergent

Have you ever had a lake shower? Using natural and biodegradable shampoo is a must with lake shower's and it's the same with your washing machine! Use detergents that have an ingredient list you understand. If you see an ingredient who's name you can't pronounce... it's probably something you don't want to be washing your clothing with. I like to use Seventh Generation.

6. Follow the care instructions on the tag of your garment

These instructions are sewn on garments for a reason! Some clothing does not have to be washed as frequently, as there are antibacterial properties within the fibres being used.

7. Hang/Air dry!

Lastly, the best thing you can do to dry your clothing is to hang dry them. Using the drier is an unnecessary step that has been built for our convenience. I always say the drier is the devil for your clothes! Every time you put your clothes in the drier, fibres are continuously being stripped down. That's why you have to change the drier filter so often!

If you have any more questions or want specific answers, comment on this post or shoot me a message on Instagram. For the meantime, STAY DILIGENT FRIENDS!


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