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There is no doubt that fashion is one of the most wasteful industries and denim is frequently criticised for being one of the worst offenders. We know a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to the manufacturing of garments and unfortunately, garments are being worn 40% less than the previous generation. This leads us to the real problem – overproduction and overconsumption.​


We produce way more than we need, so much so that about 30% of what is produced is never actually worn. Some brands will partner with organisations to donate their unsold goods, but we need to be buying less, choosing well, and making it last, while the industry continues to minimise waste and maximise resources.


Read more on "Waste Solutions for the Denim Industry" written by Simply Suzette here!


Before you buy, I challenge you to ask yourself the four questions:

  1. Do I really need this?

  2. What is it made out of and where was it made?

  3. Is there a repair service?

  4. What will I do when I am done with it? Upcycle, restyle, or resale?

At Simply Suzette we we spend our time looking for solutions, which naturally led us to adding more questions and searching for more answers:

  1. Is it designed for durability? (see the End of Life section)

  2. Is this something that I can style in different ways and wear often?

  3. Have I looked for a vintage/second-hand alternative?

  4. Does it have a clear care label, including tips to wash it in a sustainable way?

  5. Am I prepared to keep loving this item even if it slightly changes in colour or feel?

  6. If it ever gets damaged in the future, could it look cool with repair stitches, patches, or embroidery? (we are thinking of our favourite upcycling brands)

If you are already on your degrowth journey, trying to consume less, we challenge you to try the Rule of 5 by Tiffanie Darke!



💡 Bonus Tip: If you’re shopping online, look for digital sizing solutions like body scans to get your perfect fit and avoid the GHG emissions of shipping & returns!


In a world where big companies can cover their actions with more publicity stunts, it is important to ask questions and dig deeper. Knowledge is power! The more you know about a company, the more you can make educated purchases.

buy less, choose well, make it last


We can change our mindsets and ask the questions, but doing something about it is the hardest part. Sustainability is a journey that looks very different for everyone. It can start with taking your old clothes to a donation center, or saving up to buy a good quality pair of jeans that will last you years instead of your $20.00 pair that barely lasted one season. For Ani, owner and founder of Simply Suzette, it started with buying her first pair of sustainable jeans and grew from there.

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